Looking at Blueprints with The Blueprint Foundation

Young adult students in the park

We had a great time with The Blueprint Foundation, leading a hike through the State Natural Area. The Blueprint Foundation “provides youth resources and mentoring where opportunity gaps exist with a focus to uplift, educate, and support the development of black-identified youth and other communities of color.” 

Together, we hiked to the Nettle Creek bridge, pausing along the way to talk about the history of the park, fish habitat needs, etc., and to check out wildlife spotted – including a sleepy banana slug and nearby pileated woodpecker. Once at the bridge we looked at “before” photos (of the old Stone Bridge), and the blueprints (pun slightly intended!) of the replacement that allows for fish passage. One of the mentors with the Blueprint Foundation works for a contractor -involved in constructing the awesome Cully Park!- and was able to talk in a bit more detail about the plans for the work that was done.