Collaboration & Grant Funding

At Tryon Creek Watershed Council, we seek grant funding in order to advance habitat restoration work amongst neighbors. If you and your neighbors are interested in seeking grant funding with us, get in touch. 

Larger projects may be eligible for one of several grant programs. The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) is a state agency that provides grants to help Oregonians take care of local streams, rivers, wetlands and natural areas. OWEB grants are funded from the Oregon Lottery, federal dollars, and salmon license plate revenue.

No matter where you are, you’re in a watershed.

We all live both upstream and downstream, and what we do matters. Regardless of if you live in or out of the Tryon Creek watershed, here are some resources to help you do good in your spaces – whether they be your home, school, work, etc.!

Managing Invasive Species

Did you know that the decline in backyard birds is due to non-native, invasive plant species? Read about the Smithsonian study here. Here are some resources about invasive plants in the Portland metro area:

Weeed Management Fact Sheets – These fact sheets can help you identify some of the common trouble species in the region and provide tips and recommendations on how to control them.

WeedWise Program – read about the work being done in Clackamas County 

Planting Native Plants

Most insects are specialists, depending on one or a few native plants during their life cycle; most terrestrial birds feed their young on high-protein insects, regardless of what they’ll eat as adults. Having native plants present helps to build a strong ecosystem from the ground up!

Portland Plant List – A comprehensive list of all native and invasive plants in the Portland area.

Native Plants for Willamette Valley yards – A great resource describing ideal site conditions for native plants

Environmental Contractors

Specially trained in habitat restoration, skilled in identifying invasive plants and choice & installation of native plants, environmental contractors can help you transform your space into higher habitat quality. Some environmental contractors we work with include:

Mosaic Ecology
Sound Native Plants (yes, they work on small-scale urban residences!)
Ash Creek Forest Management (yes, they work on small-scale urban residences!)

Two environmental restoration contract crew members planting native plants on a steep slope near the creek

Do It Yourself

Ready to get dirty in your backyard, but possibly short on some of the tools you need? Check out SWNI’s Westside Watershed Resource Center’s Tool Loan Program.

Live outside of the Tryon Creek watershed?

There are still resources for you! You may be represented by another Watershed Council (Tualatin River WC, Oswego Lake WC; North Clackamas WC, Johnson Creek WC, Columbia Slough WC, Sandy River WC) or other environmental organizations (Westside Watershed Resource Center).