Tryon Creek Watershed map of the watershed flyer

Our Watershed

Our watershed spans approximately 4,200 acres across two cities, including 3,300 acres in Southwest Portland and 900 acres in Lake Oswego. About a fifth of the watershed is in protected greenspaces and natural areas, including 667 acres of the lower watershed in Tryon Creek State Natural Area. The other eighty percent is urban, with houses, roads, schools and office buildings offering people places to work and live.

Tryon Creek in Marshall Park

Tryon Creek

Tryon Creek is a seven-mile creek that originates in the West Hills of Portland and flows southeast through Multnomah Village to Tryon Creek State Natural Area, ending at its confluence with the Willamette River. Its major tributaries include Arnold, Nettle, Falling, Quail and Park Creeks.


Baby birds in next

Baby birds in nest

Fish and Wildlife

Tryon’s many streams, open spaces and forested land support a variety of plants and wildlife. Coyotes, deer, foxes, beaver and other large mammals live in parks and back yards, relying on interconnected greenways for food and shelter. Steelhead trout migrate to the upper reaches of Tryon Creek from the ocean. Birds count on our watershed’s streams and wooded slopes for shelter during migration, or live with us year-round. Recently, listed Coastal Coho and Willamette Spring Chinook juveniles have been located in Tryon Creek.